Friday, August 22, 2008

One Of Those Days

It's just one of those days where you wake up bright and early. Surprisingly, you smile to yourself because you're secretly saying "Yes, it's today. The day I've been waiting for".
A day in which you enjoy every sip of your coffee and purposely smile to whoever you see, after all it is
your day.
Then not a second later, you get some news. You keep your smile frozen on your face and think "It's okay. I won't let this ruin
my day".
You're still nervous and shaken from the news but nevertheless you don't let it stop you. You desperately try to keep the smile on and go about your day.
Then with no introductions or precautions, a person from your long forgotten past creeps into your life suddenly.
your day.
The smile is immediately wiped off your face as you try to think straight. Your mind and heart fight on whether to welcome the person.
A person whom you’ve tried so desperately tried to forget and get over.
A person who hurt you so much that just the memory of them hurts.
A person whom you've loved and cared for so much..
Your heart is telling you yes while your mind tells you to get away.
Your head starts hurting from all the contradiction and memories.
Without noticing it, there are tears on your face.
Needless to say, you welcome them back with open arms.
It still hurts, but what to do?
After all,
the heart wants what the heart wants.