Friday, January 21, 2011

Little things..

There is a lot of chaos in our daily lives that we have gotten accustomed to dealing with. Waking up late, forgetting to hand in an assignment, spilling coffee, and so on.

Half of the time, the best and most memorable things that we applaud the arrival of are the little things that unexpectedly make up our day. I'm going to think of the little things that I'm grateful for each day...

1. A cup of perfectly-made coffee.
2. A good "opening" song for a long car ride.
3. The baby peeking into my room to check if I'm awake.
4. Morning gossip with the Mother.
5. A late night movie after a long exhausting day with my sister.
6. A spontaneous text from someone special.
7. Reading a quite gripping chapter.
8. Discovering a great band.
9. Reading something you've written a long time ago and smiling because you remember how you felt.
10. Political, historical, or random discussions with the Father.