Friday, June 18, 2010

I do believe it's true, that there are roads left in both of our shoes...

Regardless of what I planned, my day off was exactly the way it should be. Sure being awake from 7 A.M. isn't exactly what I had in mind but at least I got to go back under the covers and sleep just a little more. And how can anyone be anyone be upset after some good breakfast and coffee?

It's weird how I feel like saying so much but actually have nothing to say. I feel inspired and rejuvenated and all I want to do is write about stuff. Whether philosophical or lovey-dovey, I want to write.

I'm really liking this whole online diary/personal journal. It makes me want to express, period.

She was in the car on her way to her grandmother's house. Nothing out of the ordinary. But he was here. A mere couple of miles away. Not in a different city, not in another region of the country but here. She wanted to tell her driver to change routes. She wanted to see him now. She almost needed to. This kind of opportunity barely ever came along. Why was she going elsewhere anyway? She sighed in complete frustration. Maybe this is how it was supposed to be. With a lot of waiting, frustration, maybe eventually satisfaction.

Odd how life is. Spontaneous yet at times quite repetitive. Be it with routine, feelings, events, and situations. The above post was written on my journal dated November 3rd, 2009.

Scary how life throws stuff like this. Surreal really. Today was my day off and the above was the perfect description of it.

Fortuitous incidents like this do not alarm me anymore. I still do believe in signs and these occurrences merely highlight them.

That said, I would not change today either. It was perfect. Thank god for the people around me.

*Title credited to Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie.

P.S. There was eventually content.