Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Reason Why - A Love Letter

The other day in a moment of self-doubt and weakness, I got to thinking why do I love you as I do? I expected a hollow answer with barely an echo. Why am I attached to you so? How is it that I cannot fathom my existence without yours? These questions bought on a quiescent passion that shot the little doubts I had down.

The letter is what followed my underestimated infatuation with you:

Dear SB-

You are one of the most accomplished, successful people that I know. That would be an excellent reason to love you yet despite that, it's not why I love you. You are a great person with an even greater personality but yet again, not the reason to my unconditional love to you.

It's a silly answer but the reason why I love you so much is that regardless of all the things that you are and all the things you've achieved, you have a concealed soft side that I absolutely love. A gooey caramel filling to a chocolate, if you will. This mushy center needs me and I need it back fervently.

I honestly don't care about all the other stuff. It doesn't matter. The insides always do, though.

I love you.