Friday, March 06, 2009

Unintentional [Part 7] - Interminably

It was like nothing ever changed. Like nothing ever happened between them. 

I got so excited in class, I wouldn't stop interuppting her till she let me read.
He softly chuckled as he imagined her jumping up and down on her seat.
Well, did you read it?
YES! I'm so happy I got to read that part! I don't know why but it made my day.
That's good to hear.
But now I'm so behind the other books I'm reading.
How many books are you reading?!
Two. No, no three.
One is for my class and the other two are for my book clubs.
Your book club with Lulu?
You're reading two books for that?
No, it's not the same book club.
She could could tell that he wasn't going to like this.
Who is the other book club with?
She paused and didn't know how to answer him.
My friend.

He got the hint and completely changed the course of conversation. She was happy that he didn't push for any details. After all, she hated upsetting him. Besides, they were pretending everything was perfect, why ruin it now?

Even though he tried desperately to make himself more openminded, he couldn't handle all guy friends she had and how she referred to them as any other one of the girls she knew.

Two minutes after she hung up, she got a message from him...
Ex, you were right all along, we aren't good together at all that's why I want you to forgive me if I ever hurt you...

She wasn't shocked nor surprised. In a way, she was expecting this all along.