Sunday, August 02, 2009

Inviolable Commitment

To her it was not a chore nor a forced upon task.
It was done volitionally and more importantly, with love.

Commitment seemed like such a bold, impregnable word whereas on the other hand it occurred naturally to her. With such suave. It wasn't like before. At least not for her. There was more effort, time, and energy invested into making this work. Long-term material. Talking to other people wasn't a distraction anymore. More like a mere nuisance that she brushed off.

It was love. Maybe not the whole head-over-heels love nor the intoxicated black hole love. Other people's definitions didn't do the term justice. All romantic attempts aside, she just couldn't care about another person this much without loving them.

He made her heart sing. Prance around in her rib cage. To say she was speechless would be too off. She had so much to say about him, how he made her feel, how much she loved him that she wouldn't know how to start, where...

She was his clingy girlfriend and that's all that mattered.