Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rosy Pink Memories

Life is full of little moments that reminds us of something in our pasts. Whether it comes in the form of a song, picture, piece of writing, or something even more vague like a scent, a color, a place. For some reason, however odd it may be, our subconscious chooses to associate certain feelings with those little fragments of our past.

And for other reasons, albeit unknown to me, my mind chooses to remember only the positives of any one association. To the extent that every single time I reminisce, everything comes up rosy and nice. Now I know that sounds inanely delusional but I have come to see the reason behind it - or my presumed reason seeing as I really can never know (ignore the psychological babble). I have created a mechanism, one may call it defensive if they choose, however I see it as completely practical in order for one to enjoy life. Imagine every time I came across a song that reminded me of someone in my past and it would bring up all these negative memories and, consequently, I would get angry, hurt, upset, or any other blue feeling. I wouldn't get to enjoy the song and that part of my day (obviously, not the whole day) would get ruined! So instead, I chose to remember all the good things and associate the memories with happiness. (there must've been happiness somewhere, am I right?)

As a result, I get to indulge merrily on my past and enjoy my song or whatever it is I was doing. I know this is full to the brim with cheesiness so I'll get my angry persona out and use that to convince you instead.

Why should I not get to listen to my favorite music (or any other activity) just because it reminds me of a terrible time/place/person? Seriously, that wouldn't be fair. I would get even more angrier that even while that phase/time/person is gone, I'm still, in a way, paying for it.

Well, guess what? I'm not going to pay for anything. I'm going to enjoy my music and make that memory, regardless of whatever it is, PINK AND ROSY! I'll make it do my bidding.