Monday, November 29, 2010

Derelict ships

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I miss you.

In this day and age, cliché but appropriate, technology really minimizes distance. I appreciate it yet loathe it even more. Bipolar but completely rational.

I hate BBM and I hate communicating with you through it. Ironically, it turns us into such haters. Hating on our social circle or -to put it correctly, social circles of the past- isn't quite fun anymore. It makes us petty and shallow. Long gone were the days when we would be critical and fair not just attacking and judging their actions.

I do understand people grow up and move on but it is quite difficult to do that when you are in exactly the same place, surrounded by almost the same people.

Socializing was always deemed to be the problem yet I cannot for the life of me determine how to go on about it.

Nostalgia is what saddens me most out of all this. Our teenage memories full of frivolous fun, cake, and little themed outings is what I yearn for. Our long midnight phone calls which would resolve everything by the end of it is what I miss the most.

Simply put, our friendship. The one that we had is what we have now lost. We still have a bond that is somewhat unbreakable but for some reason, not a friendship.

I guess life got in the way...

P.S. I'm still grateful for you.


fireinyourwords said...

I can totally relate to this. I haven't seen my "best friend" in months and we barely talk. Sometimes I find it very hard to believe that there was a time when we were inseparable.
With time everything just dulled down. Talking doesn't become something that you want to do out of your own volition, it feels more like an obligation. It's all pretense.

Sometimes I think that maybe it's because we grew up and changed and just dismiss the whole thing with a "Hey, that's life."

Ex-clamation Mark said...

Dulled down would perfectly describe this. We have forced conversations and forced i-miss-yous just so we can keep the memory alive.

It is true, people grow up, change, and move on. The problem is we expect things to stay the same, like our friendships.